Friday, July 24, 2009

How Vote on Marriage Lied to You

Photobucket I think it is important to always look back on events in our lives and analyze them carefully even if they bring back hurtful memories. One specific event in my life that I have looked back on is the Marriage Amendment campaign in Massachusetts that failed on June 24, 2007 at the Constitutional Convention.

Prior to this day in history many facts about Vote on Marriage, the "pro-family" organization now known as the Coalition for Marriage & Family that orchastrated the amendment process along with the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), have come to light. There is no other easier way to present this information to you other than for you to read the facts that are clearly spelled out in a rebuttle to an e-mail to Tom Shields, former board member of Massachusetts Family Institute and Vote on Marriage.
Many of you will take this info "as a grain of salt", others will not even read 25% of it because they have been told by Kris Mineau, President of the Mass. Family Institute, that they did all they could to preserve marriage in Massachusetts. A lot of you have deep ties to the Coalition and MFI and have spent countless hours in their offices doing voluntary work to protect the traditional family. The info below will be mocked, manipulated and disenvowed. All I ask of you is to refute what is being said. Nothing more, nothing less. Help me understand where the facts go awry.
Read about how The Lie has spread by clicking HERE.

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