Friday, February 20, 2009

Fallen Angels

E-mails from my friends John and Greg caught my eye this evening and just shows how those pillars Mr. Heath is holding up (inset picture) are falling down one by one. The next pillar is the falling of Mass. Family Institute (MFI) as the Commonwealth comes to grips to how Kris Mineau and Mitt Romney decieved us into thinking same-sex "marriages" are "legal" in Massachusetts.
Kris Mineau, you are a lier just like Mr. Heath and you ARE being exposed for it. You call yourself a man of God...please!
John wrote:
"AFA is Don Wildmon's group, which accepted lots of money from an ally of Romney's and hid under their bed while Romney boosted funding for pro-sodomy brainwashing of children, created $50 government funded abortion on demand, sodomy-based "marriage" and pushed sodomy-based adoption.
Of course, Mike Heath knows all this. He signed the Letter to Romney, he signed later letters holding Romney accountable for his record and he told me on the phone that he was disgusted by what Perkins, Sekulow, ADF, Focus On the Family and others have done to enable and cover up Romney's record. He had told numerous people that he was really turned off by the shallowness, immaturity, cliquishness and Phariseeism of the Focus On the Family and their affiliates... (including MFI - SCIA)... and he tried to keep his distance. At one point he said this so strongly I thought he was going to disaffiliate and break off relations with them.
Mike has crossed over to the dark side. I'm sure he is in total denial about that, just like Perkins, Bauer, Bopp, Minnery, Wildmon, et al. A year or so ago he suddenly terminated our warm relations and cooperation and cut off all contact between us and his staff. He had told me that he had great respect for me and the work I was doing, but then suddenly my e-mails to him suddenly started bouncing back. He stopped returning phone calls. One evening I called him and got through on his cell phone. Perhaps it was dark and he couldn't read the caller ID. He said he was in a restaurant with his wife and he would call me the next day. Of course He didn't. I can't figure out how Mike could call that Biblical. But hey, Tony "The Perk" Perkins is answerring the big questions from here on out. That's the beauty of arrangements like this.
So Mike Heath changed his group's name from Maine Civic League to Maine's Family Policy Council and started promoting Tony Perkins/FRC aggressively. Pretty much a flat out 180 away from the facts Mike knows to be true. I guess sometimes money talks and Jesus walks, eh?"
Gregg wrote:
Certainly you know (Mr. Heath) that Tony actively lied, took money from (over $250,000) and covered up for Mitt Romney, the man who illegally instituted same sex "marriage" in Massachusetts.
Proof HERE:
Don't you Mike?
And certainly you know that only a few months ago Tony referred to Romney as a "friend to the pro-family movement" and featured Romney as a speaker at the Values Voters Summit Conference in Washington D.C. Don't you Mike?
Tony Perkins is a vary double minded man Mike.
Do you really think God will bless the works of a man who actively white-washed the very anti-family record of the Founding Father of the 50 dollar co-pay tax subsidized abortion and same-sex "marriage?"
Full record HERE:
You are affiliated with Tony's organization Mike (Family Research Council). You should know that the money you and Kris Minneau of Mass Family Institute are being paid is blood money.
Has anybody seen... my old friend Michael...? Can you tell me where he's gone? He freed a lot of people... But oh, the good, they die young, Can you tell me where... Michael has gone?
From John Haskins
"I believe there may be numerous cases of Ruddy and/or Romney and his bagmen channelling money by sponsoring the salaries of key personnel at such groups. I know of two clear cases: Ruddy paid the salaries of a former Mass Citizens for Life president who did independant work for Ruddy lobbying the MA legislature. This man is a friend of mine and he openly opposed Romney and was not silenced by the money, but was prevented from doing his job agressively and finally resigned. He was unaware that Ruddy was Romney's bagman.
Ruddy also paid the salary of Rob O'Brian, and placed him as Mass Citizens for Life's Director of Development. I have talked to Rob several times and I think he also was sincere. I do not know whether his salary was on the MCFL books. If not, Ruddy (and also Romney) may have used this method as another means of hiding their payoffs. There may be many cases of salaries or other expenses being paid for by Ruddy or Romney or by other persons or organizations that will not show up in the books of the groups that they silences about Romney's actions on marriage, abortion, sodomy brainwashing, etc."

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The "Smoking Gun" to how Romney bought off MFI to stay "hush, hush" regarding same-sex "marriages".

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