Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mineau's Minions

After marinating the parking lot of the Skyline Restaurant in Quincy last Saturday afternoon with fliers explaining how Kris Mineau helped "legalize" same-sex "marriages" (SS"M") in MA, I experienced first hand how the TRUTH can scare one into action. Mr. Mineau, President of the Massachusetts Family Institute, ordered his minions to go out to the parking lot and take all of the fliers off of the parked car's windshields.

Now, I should of brought my video camera, in which I will do next time, to show the rest of you how petrified Mr. Mineau is of the truth. Why would Kris be so adamant about not wanting others to read a flier regarding how he and former MA governor Mitt Romney helped "legalize" SS"M" in MA? If Kris was so comfortable with the fairy-tale that he did not help "legalize" SS"M", why did he interupt a fundraiser and have people go out and steal fliers off of windshields? I mean, if I knew for a fact that I was NOT responsible for something than I would fluff off the idea of even considering to waste my time, especially during a fundraiser, to stop any literature from being circulated.
I received this e-mail from Kris Mineau on Sunday July 6, 2008 in regards to why he did not sign this letter to Mitt Romney (Click HERE to read letter):
This letter is bogus and comes from a radical right wing fringe that has no credibility in constitutional law. This is an old document that was circulated by anti-Romney people last January time-frame and it’s not worth the electrons spent blogging it. We have no beef with Romney in that he did everything he could through the constitutional process to stop SSM in Mass. The success of our amendment getting the first vote was much to Romney’s credit. Trying to blame him for SSM in Mass is like trying to blame Richard Nixon for legalized abortion in America because he was President at the time of the Roe v Wade decision.
Kris Mineau
Massachusetts Family Institute
Interesting...Kris seems pretty confident over this issue, but has to have people steal fliers off of windshields during a fundraiser? Why? My only question to Mr. Mineau would be "Why?" What is it in the fliers that you disagree with so much that you have to take them out of circulation? Not to worry, this issue is going to hit the big screens and Kris and his minions will have to run door to door in order to steal all of the newspapers that are going to run with this issue.


Blogger Veritas said...

According to Kris Mineau the following who signed the "Letter to Romney" proving Romney violated at least 8 articles of the oldest functioning constitution in the world, the Massachusetts Constitution, when Romney illegally authorized changes to and issuance of marriage licenses to homosexual couples, are all part of the "right wing fringe" of "Romney haters.":

Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation
Dr. Chuck Baldwin, radio host, columnist
*Gary Kreep, Esq., president, United States Justice Foundation
Paul Likoudis, editor, The Wanderer
Phil Lawler, editor, Catholic World News
Dr. William Greene,
Rev. Scott Lively, Esq., Defend the Family
Rev. Stephen Bennett, Stephen Bennett Ministries
Sandy Rios, Culture Campaign
Robert Knight, a draftsman of the federal Defense of Marriage Act
John Haskins, Parents’ Rights Coalition (and The Underground Journal)
Linda Harvey, Mission America
Randy Thomasson, Campaign for Children and Families
David E. Smith, Illinois Family Institute
Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network
Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania
Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana
Kevin McCoy, West Virginia Family Foundation
Stephen Cable, Vermont Center for American Cultural Renewal
Joe Glover, Family Policy Network (National)
Terry Moffitt, Family Policy Network of North Carolina
Marnie Deaton, Family Policy Network of Virginia
Danny Eason, Family Policy Network of Texas
Matt Chancey, Family Policy Network of Alabama
Ron Shank, Family Policy Network of Tennessee
John R. Diggs, Jr., M.D., leading expert on the medical risks of homosexuality
Dr. Paul Cameron, Family Research Institute
Bill Cotter, Operation Rescue Boston
R. T. Neary, ProLife Massachusetts, former president, Massachusetts Citizens for Life
Mike O'Neil, CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition, Massachusetts
Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth
Michael Heath, Christian Civic League of Maine
Gary Glenn, American Family Association of Michigan
James Hartline, The Hartline Report
Jan Markell, Olive Tree Ministries & Radio
Bunny S. Galladora, Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Sonja Dalton, Real Civil Rights Illinois
Allyson Smith, Americans for Truth/California
John F. Russo, Marriage & Family, Massachusetts
Stacy Harp, Active Christian Media, host, The Right View
Brian Camenker, MassResistance
Rena Havens, Mothers Against Pedophilia
Rev. Michael Carl, Constitution Party of Massachusetts
Carl Parnell, author, From Schoolhouse to Courthouse

Yup, these folks are definately right wing "fringe" kooks Kris. Does Brian Camenker know you think he is a Romney hating fringe nut Kris? Or what about the founder of the Reagan Revolution Kris, Paul Weyrich? Was he a "fringe" kook too?

The truth about how Minneau covered up for Romney and took his blood money ($60,000) will come out soon enough.

Mark my words.

Gregg Jackson

8:43 PM, January 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what right John Haskins has to make a stand with us now when he didn't even bother to sign the petition?!

Just trying to make some money John?

5:03 AM, January 23, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The signature list on this letter reads like a "Who's Who" of the right wingnut lunatic fringe. Spoooooky.

10:49 AM, January 23, 2009  
Anonymous John Haskins said...

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to know what right John Haskins has to make a stand with us now when he didn't even bother to sign the petition?!
Just trying to make some money John?"

Poor "Anonymous, you should have just signed "Cheapshot Specialist."

To be perfectly clear, I'm not "taking a stand" with you. Let's be perfectly clear: you had nothing to do with this press release, nor I suspect, with the other hard work over the past several years that was made necessary by the money-grubbing surrender specialists at MFI who have stubbornly lied about the MA Constitution and covered up Romney's own responsibility for sodomy-based counterfeit "marriage."

As for your childish accusation that I did not sign "the petition," I assume you mean Camenker's petition to prevent out-of-state homosexuals from getting Romney's fraudulent, legally void marriage licenses.

But clear your head of the blinding fog of resentment for a moment. Why would anyone who had the best interests of the state and the country at heart lead good, honest people down an obvious dead end? There was ZERO chance of that petition going anywhere. ZERO.

But much worse than that, in using that diversion, Camenker joined with Mineau's collaborationists at MFI and helped legitimize the horribly destructive Orwellian lie that judges "legalized" sodomy-based counterfeit "marriage" -- though the judges have repeatedly made brutally clear that they have no legal authority or power to do so.

In fact, as this makes clear, it was not the work of judges but of good old Mitt Romney, who privately promised Log Cabin homosexuals during his 2002 campaign that he would violate the state Constitution and pretend that judges have the power to legalize sodomy-based "marriage."

So, I hope your heroism on behalf of the rule of law and marriage went at least a little bit beyond merely signing that petition.

As for your bizarre question "Just trying to make some money John?" I feel sorry for you if that even makes sense to you. If you figure out some way to make money on the positions I've taken, do please let me know. I have some bills to pay.

But don't tell Kris Mineau, MFI and Brian Camenker, because they'll suddenly change their tune and start telling the truth -- as I and various others insist on doing, regardless of the cheap shots of counterfeit "heroes" like you.

11:36 PM, January 28, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Haskins needs help and/or medication.

10:25 AM, February 04, 2009  
Blogger John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Perhaps Anonymous has a point. After researching the names of people who signed the petition to end marriage equality circulated in 2005 John Haskins name is not on it.

John, are you in this just for the money? If not, where is your signature on KTN?

12:46 PM, February 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This John Haskins. I find him puerile and boring.

7:05 PM, February 17, 2009  

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