Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Playing By The Rules

Two lesbian girls at a California Lutheran High School were expelled in 2005 based on their sexual orientation and the Fourth District Court of Appeals in San Bernardino upheld the ruling this past Monday.

Read full story HERE and don't forget to read the full court ruling at the end of the article (a pdf. file).
I can only say one thing: If you don't play by the rules and values of a Christian school or a Muslim school or an atheist school, then you need to either turn over a new leaf and follow the rules and values, or find somewhere else to practice your beliefs and lifestyle choices. What is the problem here?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mineau's Minions

After marinating the parking lot of the Skyline Restaurant in Quincy last Saturday afternoon with fliers explaining how Kris Mineau helped "legalize" same-sex "marriages" (SS"M") in MA, I experienced first hand how the TRUTH can scare one into action. Mr. Mineau, President of the Massachusetts Family Institute, ordered his minions to go out to the parking lot and take all of the fliers off of the parked car's windshields.

Now, I should of brought my video camera, in which I will do next time, to show the rest of you how petrified Mr. Mineau is of the truth. Why would Kris be so adamant about not wanting others to read a flier regarding how he and former MA governor Mitt Romney helped "legalize" SS"M" in MA? If Kris was so comfortable with the fairy-tale that he did not help "legalize" SS"M", why did he interupt a fundraiser and have people go out and steal fliers off of windshields? I mean, if I knew for a fact that I was NOT responsible for something than I would fluff off the idea of even considering to waste my time, especially during a fundraiser, to stop any literature from being circulated.
I received this e-mail from Kris Mineau on Sunday July 6, 2008 in regards to why he did not sign this letter to Mitt Romney (Click HERE to read letter):
This letter is bogus and comes from a radical right wing fringe that has no credibility in constitutional law. This is an old document that was circulated by anti-Romney people last January time-frame and it’s not worth the electrons spent blogging it. We have no beef with Romney in that he did everything he could through the constitutional process to stop SSM in Mass. The success of our amendment getting the first vote was much to Romney’s credit. Trying to blame him for SSM in Mass is like trying to blame Richard Nixon for legalized abortion in America because he was President at the time of the Roe v Wade decision.
Kris Mineau
Massachusetts Family Institute
Interesting...Kris seems pretty confident over this issue, but has to have people steal fliers off of windshields during a fundraiser? Why? My only question to Mr. Mineau would be "Why?" What is it in the fliers that you disagree with so much that you have to take them out of circulation? Not to worry, this issue is going to hit the big screens and Kris and his minions will have to run door to door in order to steal all of the newspapers that are going to run with this issue.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Where is the TRUTH??

"Coalition for the glorification of lawlessness and lies" is more like it.
Please read the following JUNK mail I received not to long ago:
Dear Friends,
This past Election Day, voters turned out in droves and confirmed what we’ve known all along: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and it needs to be protected.
In particular, the liberal state of California, whose activist judges had legalized same-sex marriage, voted in favor of a Marriage Protection Amendment: Proposition 8.
The passage of Prop 8 in California was a crucial win for family values—one worth celebrating—even as our opponents violently take to the streets in protest of its passage.
We’d like to show Massachusetts that we SUPPORT Prop 8. That’s why we’re having a special fundraising celebration.
Celebrate Prop 8! Saturday, January 10 Noon to 2:30 PM Skyline Restaurant, Quincy, MA $18 per person ($10 for food, $8 to Celebrate!) $88 to Sponsor

Paid for by The Coalition for Marriage and Family Action

So, let me get this straight. The Coalition for Marriage and Family...Action!!, previously known as Vote On, have thrown up their hands after FAILING to understand that same-sex "marriages" were ILLEGAL since May 17, 2004 and now have CONTINUED to spread the"unconstitutional lie that judges make law"??? (Thanks GS!!)

Kris Mineau and Chanel Prunier, President of Mass Family Institute and Director of the Coalition respectively, why can't you both come out and refute the FACT that same-sex "marriages" are ILLEGAL in MA and CA?? Did activist judges legalize same-sex "marriages" in MA and CA or did you both and the MA Founding Father of Same-sex "Marriages", Mitt Romney, just not understand the basic concept that the Goodridge OPINION was just that, an opinion and NOT...N.O.T... a law and therefore, legally and constitutionally, cannot be enforced by a governor, by the Department of Public Health, any town clerk or any justice of the peace?!!

We will ALL be waiting for an answer on Saturday, January 10th.

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