Friday, April 25, 2008

Day of Glorifying Homosexuality & Special Interest Groups

Michael Jones, Principal at Lexington High School, sent out a letter to all parents concerning the upcoming Day of Silence event that is going to be held at the school on April 30th of next week.

Read full letter HERE.
I in turn sent Mr. Jones an e-mail asking him a simple question about the Day of Truth, an opposing event that would be held this upcoming Monday, three days before the Day of Silence:
Dear Mr. Jones, I have read your letter that was sent out to parents concerning a recent graffiti incident at Lexington High School and about the Day of Silence on April 30th. It is unfortunate that people can not articulate their opinions without offending others in the fashion of swastikas and homophobic remarks and markings on high school property. This type of behavior should not be tolerated and I hope your school and the authorities will find the perpetrators who spread such "hate speech" at your school.
In regards to the Day of Silence, I was wondering if the Day of Truth would of been recognized at Lexington High School on April 28th, two days before the Day of Silence since this also falls into the category of "free speech is a Constitutionally protected right in public high schools..." as quoted by you in your letter to us parents. Find out more about the Day of Truth by visiting
Thank you for your time and I look forward to what your answer is to my request.
Scia Ciantee
You too can reach Mr. Jones at or by calling him directly at 781-861-2320 ext. 1000.
In regards to Mr. Jones' letter, I, and other pro-marriage and family groups, just have a few questions that we would like answered:
1. The letter states that Lexington High School can not promote or adopt a political position as it is a public institution. The act of students (and even staff) being silent all day is a clear promotion and adoption of the political messages that are being advocated for during the event. The event is unquestionably organized by school staff and just by having the Day of Silence indicates that the school agrees with what the Day of Silence stands for and that is the glorification and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.
I thought "no outside groups will be allowed to promote or support the Day of Silence, or to oppose it" as indicated towards the end of the letter. How is this being done when GLSEN, a national organization which targets kids in the public schools is promoting the event with the Gay/Straight Alliance club at Lexington High?
2. So, if the Day of Silence is protected under the "free speech is a Constitutionally protected right in public high schools" category and this "applies to all students, whatever their opinion", but "no outside groups will be allowed to promote or support the Day of Silence, or to oppose it", how do all these statements not contradict each other?
3. Mr. Jones states that "hate speech" -- i.e., criticism of the Day of Silence or homosexuality -- is "subject to legal constraints". Oh, I see. So, anyone who engages in some type of civil discourse about constructive criticism about homosexuality and disagrees with the dangerous lifestyle is going to be "subject to legal constraints"? Can you do that when "free speech is a Constitutionally protected right in public high schools"? Very interesting!!!!
4. Mr. Jones says that people may wear buttons or stickers expressing their personal views. A few years ago at Lexington High a girl with a one-man-one-woman marriage sticker was assaulted by pro-gay students on the Day of Silence. And others were severely harassed and intimidated. The school did nothing. Why did the school not reprimand those students who assaulted the girl?
5. And then the final insult: "the distribution of religious materials is not appropriate during the school day." There has been a lot of blatantly anti-religious material distributed by the homosexual groups. The event itself is essentially anti-religious in the eyes of many parents. Why can the homosexual community distribute anti-religious material, but Christians can not distribute Christian material?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Normalizing Transgenderism for Children

Dr. Norman Spack of Children's Hospital in Boston has started a new clinic at the hospital that gives 9 to 10 year-old children the option for treatments that change their bodies to the opposite sex. The clinic is for those children who are suffering from the psychiatric disorder known as gender identity disorder. If a 9 year-old does not FEAL that they are of the sex into which they were born as, then they can have the option to take drugs that would block puberty and then have the option to alter their genitalia later in life.
Read full story HERE and HERE in the Boston Globe.
I just have one main question: What the HELL does "before they develop bodies that are decidedly male or female mean? You are decidedly male or female when you are born.
"Working on a model borrowed from Dutch researchers, Spack uses drugs to delay the first stirrings of youngsters' puberty, granting them a few more years before they develop bodies that are decidedly male or female."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Silence the Truth

The Day of Truth was established by the Alliance Defense Fund, ADF, to counter the promotion of homosexuality from a Christian perspective, which will be done across the country next Tuesday, April 28th, 2008. The Day of Truth is three days after the Day of Silence, a day in which students remain silent in order to bring attention to the homosexual agenda, which I don't understand how that could happen if people remain silent.

Click HERE for a list of schools in Massachusetts that may participate in the Day of Silence. If your son or daughter goes to any one of the schools listed, Click HERE for a sample letter that you could send to their school administrator telling them you as a concerned parent would like to pull them from school on April 25 in protest of this classroom disrupting day.
The Day of Silence is nothing but a day to disrupt the regular flow of learning in the school house. To silence oneself is to say that the individual in question can not articulate him or herself and only wants to do away with tolerating anything other than what they believe in. If the Day of Silence involved students talking about homosexuality and coming up with any benefits of participating in this dangerous lifestyle then the event would be more worthwhile to hold.
The Day of Truth, on the other hand, advocates civil discourse on the subject of homosexuality in the hopes of helping those who are struggling with this lifestyle. So, don't silence the truth about the dangers of homosexuality, spread it to those who are struggling with the behavior!!!
For more information on how to participate in the Day of Truth please visit the website by going to

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Why Would Someone Do This?"

The post that you are about to read is EXTREMELY sexually graphic with very disturbing accounts of what middle school aged children were taught at a Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) workshop on March 25, 2000.

The statewide conference, called "Teach-Out," was sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and GLSEN.
The kit in the picture above is for "fisting" that was distributed by Planned Parenthood at Fistgate II, which can also be used for homosexual oral sex.

Click HERE to read full GRAPHIC post about "Teach-Out".

Click HERE for the archives on the "Fistgate" workshop.

Click HERE for more information about the Planned Parenthood kit.
I pondered upon the idea of even publishing this post due to its graphic nature. The only way to spread the truth of what the radical homosexual community is teaching our children is to show and present to you the raw material. I do apologize for the graphic details of this workshop, but I am not sorry for telling you the TRUTH!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Normalizing Sexual Proclivities

Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash is under fire for the new diversity curriculum the superintendent will introduce to his kindergarten through fifth grade students next year at Estabrook Elementary School.

Mr. Ash just recently received threats from New Jersey-based Hal Turner's internet talk show in the likes of:
"I would laugh if concerned fathers donned ski masks and gloves, took a ride over to the this arrogant (expletive) house and knock the living (expletive) out of him."

Click HERE to read full story about threats.

Mr. Ash also received an e-mail from a concerned parent earlier last week over the new diversity curriculum for next years kindergarten through fifth grade classes. Shawn Landon, a father of a child in David Parker's son's class, was irate over this news and sent the following e-mails to Superintendent Ash and other school officials.
Click HERE to read full e-mail exchanges.
It is completely and utterly ridiculous that grown men have to threaten bodily harm upon one another over a situation like this. It just goes to show that some people need to participate in violence because they can not articulate their thoughts responsibly enough. This goes for both sides of this deeply emotionally charged issue. Mr. Parker has received threatening and vulgar voicemails at home over his opinions numerous times. Go to threats against Parkers and others under the article about the threats against Mr. Ash and click on threatening phone calls such as this one.
We don't need to resort to physical or verbal threats when it comes to asking for responsible requests from our school officials. We also don't need superintendent of schools blatantly ignoring the law and preventing tax paying citizens from yanking their sons or daughters
from a class-room setting that is teaching dangerous behaviors.
Why is it that this case is so one sided? Why can't parents take their children out of a classroom if dangerous behaviors are being discussed? Why do children need to be subjected to homosexuality at such a young age? Who is teaching tolerance, the parents or the special interest organizations that are recommending the curriculum? Where do parental rights begin and where should they end?
Just another day at the government run indoctrination camps.
Thank you Mr. Romney!!

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