Saturday, November 08, 2008

Marinated in False Hope

As Proposition 8 passed victoriously in California on election day by a margin of 52% - 48%, many "married" same-sex couples could see their "wedding" vows crumbling. With about 18,000 same-sex "marriages" already on the books, Tuesdays victory for traditional marriage just may deem those "marriages" null and void. The chances of this are tight, but many legal battles on both sides of the fence are definate.

Read about marriage VICTORIES that occured in 3 states on Tuesday.
Many opponents of Proposition 8 have already filed suit with the California Supreme Court in order to "invalidate" the constitutional amendment suggesting that it is unconstitutional.
Read about lawsuits HERE.
Many same-sex "marriages" occured before they were banned by the state of California, but one "marriage" ceremony was right from the "government run indoctrination camp" handbook. The "marriage" ceremony between teacher Erin Carder and her partner Kerri McCoy (Inset Picture) on October 10, 2008 involved eighteen first graders taking a fieldtrip to City Hall to throw flowers at their just "married" teacher.
Watch video of "marriage" ceremony HERE and the full story about the fieldtrip HERE.
As you all know my staff and I are stout supporters of traditional marriage. We strongly agree every state should have a right to vote on the definition of marriage and not one judge holds the legal role to undermine the decision of the people when it comes to a constitutional amendment. If a constitutional amendment is approved by the people and for the people, no lawsuit on the face of the planet can reverse such an approval. If the people have spoken, whom may be either gay or straight, the result of the vote is final. Period. End of story. For those fighting to continue gay "marriage" in CA...don't be such poor losers. You have Massachusetts to play "marriage" in until someone on Beacon Hill realizes that same-sex "marriages" are illegal in MA after all. If this ever becomes a reality, I do believe that all of those "marriages" since May 17, 2004 should be deemed null and void because they were and still are illegal.
As for the children being exposed to the radical and unhealthy "marriage" ceremony between their teachers: Why can't their be fieldtrips to traditional marriage ceremonies? Do you ever here of that happening or is this just another ploy by the radical homosexual community to try and justify their dangerous sexual proclivity to the younger generation? Why is the same-sex couples "wedding" ceremony dangerous to these children you might ask. Well, for starters the importance of a man and a women in a family is downplayed and the concept of "anything goes" is drilled into the child's mind when it comes to whom they can choose to marry later in life. This means that the child is potentially thinking that hey, a mommy and a daddy are not as important to the family as I am being told at home. The image portrayed to the children who watched the ceremony is love should come first and not the beliefs that my parents teach me when deciding what a life partner is. The ceremony also strongly suggests that engaging in abnormal relationships is O.K. even though it could lead me to some very dangerous lifestyle choices.
Anyway, all of this is not going to matter to these 5 and 6-year-olds in the very near future because they will soon understand that same-sex "wedding" ceremonies are illegal for a reason and the teachers "marriage" is null and void. As a result of this the children will come off of the glorified government run indoctrination bandwagon and realize that a mommy and a daddy are the only two genders that can marry and whom can build healthy families for generations to come.
Let The People Vote and the fantasy trip stops and life moves on.
Thank-you California for setting the obvious straight!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a pompous, self-rightous article you have, maybe your worst yet.

1. The class trip to the teacher's wedding was suggested by a parent, and had nothing to do with an "agenda". Get your facts straight. Not saying it was a good idea, just not part on any conspiracy.

2. You said the "no on prop 8" supporters are sore losers because they continue to fight. Well, take your own advice. Marriage between same sex couples IS legal in Mass. Get over it and move on, stop your complaining and being a sore loser. Shouldn't the anti-gay marriage folks in Arizona have given up a few years ago when they lost their bid for an amendment? I doubt you'd say yes, especially since they won this time around.

3. Have a little "christian" compassion for a change. How about a little understanding. How would you like it if the "people" decided your marriage is not worthy. I doubt you'd just step aside and say "oh well, the people have spoken, I guess I'm not worthy."

9:55 AM, November 09, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, this must be your first trip to this site.

Scia is actually a sloppy party bottom, and his whole site is a lampoon of the far right wing rant-a-blogs.

4:49 PM, November 09, 2008  

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