Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day of Demonstrations

As the Day of Silence began at Mount Si High School in Seattle this past Friday morning the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, a prominent anti-gay-rights activist, was speaking the truth in love with other students

in protest of the politically filled day at hand.
Pastor Hutchersonof of the Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Seattle orchestrated the protest outside of the high school and the results were successful.
Read full story HERE and HERE.
Please read my post below titled "Day of Glorifying Homosexuality & Special Interest Groups" to answer some questions about the disruptive Day of Silence.
I will update you all on what occurred around the country on the Day of Silence once news becomes available. If you know of anything please e-mail me at


Anonymous Lisa said...

Truth in love?! You're joking, right? Talk about adventures in missing the point of Christ's message.

10:47 AM, May 02, 2008  
Blogger SCIA said...

What is Christ's message Lisa? What does Christ say about homosexual sin?

10:57 AM, May 02, 2008  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Is issue of homosexuality aside, I was pointing out that nothing about Ken Hutcherson or his response to people he disagrees with is done in a loving manner. Christs overarching message was about caring for the poor, the children, the widows, the oppressed, the "least of these" and about living with humility. He railed against self-righteousness, against the religious elite, against the powerful, and against pride. If you know anything about Hutcherson you will know that he is one very prideful man. And yes, he has done good things regarding adoption, but that doesn't give him the right to co-opt the message of Jesus for his own, narrow, divisive, agenda.

9:08 AM, May 07, 2008  
Blogger SCIA said...


I understand your point, and maybe Rev. Hutcherson went about it the wrong way with what he did. I don't know, I was not at the school on this particular Friday morning. I personally would not of protested and taken part in a screaming rally. I would of organized a Day of Truth and spread the truth about the dangers of homosexuality and not make a ranting case out of it.

12:15 PM, May 07, 2008  

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