Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'There IS a Way Out!'

There is a great post on the Ex-Gay movement by Bob Unruh from WorldNetDaily titled "Now it's EX-'gays' getting pummeled".

Read full article HERE.

The "Best Comment Award" goes to the anonymous author from The State of America when stated:

"...What about the harassment of the goofy looking guy with glasses, or the person with a big wart on her neck, or the one with too many ugly pimples, or wimps, or nerds, or those who wear black cloaks and look like gangsters, or all the others who are often harassed because of appearance or speech problem or whatever? Gays are certainly not the only one silenced, harassed, bullied, alienated, or isolated. A lot of kids have been murdered by others kids because of being harassed before and since the Columbine massacre. Why is their not a national day of protest for them? Because gays are the only group with a corporate funded political agenda."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today, We Remember Our Heroes

Black has an incredible post to give remembrance to those heroes who have fallen to protect our freedom and to those who are still marching to protect Americans of all kinds.

Remember to pray for our soldiers today even if you do not agree with the war. War is horrible, war is awful, but we need to finish what we started or our soil WILL be attacked again.
May Christ give the focus and skill to those who are protecting us day in and day out.
"One Shot, One Kill!!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Still Illegal Coast to Coast

Although there were celebrations amongst the homosexual community at San Francisco City Hall, and here in Massachusetts, the reality of it all is that same-sex "marriages" are NOT legal in one state of this union, not one.

The California Supreme Court ruled this past Thursday that same-sex "marriages" are to be ALLOWED in the state, but did not rule they were legal in the state, as creating law is not the role of the court system. The people will decide the fate of marriage at the ballot box this upcoming November.
Read full California Supreme Court decision HERE.
As reported in the New York Times:
"The ban on same-sex marriage was based on a law enacted in 1977 and a statewide initiative approved by the voters in 2000, both defining marriage as limited to unions between a man and a woman."
In California, it is Gov. Schwarzenegger's constitutionally sworn duty to ignore the CA Supreme Court's recent opinion and make clear to the citizens of California that same-sex "marriages" are not "legal" until and unless the voters either amend the constitution or pass a law via our elected officials to amend the current marriage statutes to accommodate said same-sex "marriages".
In Massachusetts former Gov. Mitt Romney illegally issued same-sex "marriage" licenses without an accompanying statute claiming the "court legalized same-sex marriages" and that he was just "following a court order."
The Goodridge court in Massachusetts never claimed they were creating a new marriage law. In fact they said so in their opinion:
"We conclude, as did the judge, that M.G.L. c. 207 may not be construed to permit same-sex couples to marry."
In a joint letter to Governor Mitt Romney from pro-family leaders many asked the governor to immediately order all "marriage" licenses illegal.
Read joint letter HERE.
It was not an "activist" or "rogue" court that instituted same-sex "marriages" in Massachusetts even though the judges should have been impeached for even hearing the case because they lacked subject matter according to Article 5 of the MA Constitution. It was Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney ONLY who illegally installed same-sex "marriages" in Massachusetts (or at least the perception that "gay marriage" is "legal") which has led to all sorts of violations of parent's rights (David Parker), religious liberty, and rampant homosexual indoctrination starting in kindergarten. This is a VITAL distinction! Romney was/is the Founding Father of same-sex "marriage" in the United States of America!
Romney had the obligation to ignore the Goodridge decision at the very least and then to call for impeaching the rogue judges as he was advised to do by numerous constitutional scholars (which he chose not to do).
Kris Mineau, executive director of the conservative group the Massachusetts Family Institute, call(ed) the decision (in California) “an attack on democracy.”
Read full story with Kris Mineau's comments HERE in the Boston Herald.
Read full story of California decision in Bay Windows.
Read full story of California illegally overturning the gay "marriage" ban HERE.
O.K., so let me get this straight. Californians voted in 2000 to ban same-sex "marriages" from becoming legal. The California Supreme Court ruled this past Thursday that the ban on gay "marriage" is unconstitutional. The people voted and the courts interpreted marriage as a constitutional civil right for all.
As I have said time and time again on my blog, the courts APPLY the law, they do not CREATE the law. Civil rights come from the democratic process, not lawsuits and court decisions. The people or their elected representatives vote to give particular claims the legal status of civil rights. That's called the "consent of the governed".
In Massachusetts same-sex "marriage" was NEVER approved by the people at the ballot box and was rejected by the people's elected representatives in the state legislature and ignored by our former governor. In both California and Massachusetts those who want same-sex "marriage" to be treated as a civil right and its opponents to be punished as bigots lack democracy's backing. The people of both states never voted to make same-sex "marriage" a civil right. Period!
The issue is not about whether civil rights should be put to a vote, but about voting whether to elevate same-sex "marriage" to the level of a civil right in the first place. Deciding civil rights is the people's civil right not the courts.
With the state of California already with 1 million signatures to put the definition of marriage on the ballot in November, it is a no brainer that California will become the 27th
state in the union to constitutionally ban same-sex "marriages". The homosexual community will soon come to find that they can not depend on activist judges and lazy governors to legalize their sexual proclivities because that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in America. In a democracy the legislative branch that represents the people decide the laws and not those in black robes. Although radical homosexuals think they have won a victory with the California and Massachusetts decision, they will soon come to grips that their victory will be short lived.
Let The People Vote!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

“We’re Here, We’re Queer, We're Intolerant of Opposing Viewpoints"!

Ryan Sorba, a controversial College Republican at California State University, is the author of the upcoming new book "The Born Gay Hoax" which is to be published in about 6 months. Click HERE for a link to a draft of the book (Key chapters included). Make sure to read Chapter 8, which describes in detail what the "homosexual agenda" is as I have gotten many comments on the definition of this agenda.

Mr. Sorba attempted to speak at Smith College in Northampton, MA this past Tuesday, April 29th, but was interupted by intolerant radical lesbian students who did not want Mr. Sorba to present his speech. Read full story HERE.
Mr. Sorba spoke at Framingham State College last month without any interuptions. Read full Story HERE.
It seems that the homosexual community who is fighting for the very same thing that they stamped out this week, free speech, civil rights, are very intolerant of opposing viewpoints regarding their dangerous lifestyle and will go to length to shut out anyone who heralds these opposing viewpoints.
Mr. Sorba was invited by the Smith Republican Club to speak about his opinion and the studies on the "gay gene", but the event was crashed by those who think their opinion only counts. Why does the homosexual community not tolerate any opposing viewpoints regarding the cause of their dangerous lifestyle? The scientific community is trying to find out the cause of homosexuality and may someday find that it is actually genetically based. If that was the case I would personally shut down this website. All of the studies on the cause of homosexuality point either to it being a personal choice as a result of an abusive childhood or as a result of the "gay gene". It therefore has been and continues to be found that the cause of homosexuality is UNKNOWN regardless of what you or I say, feel or have personally experienced.
Hopefully someday the cause of homosexuality will be determined, such that we can put this issue to rest.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day of Demonstrations

As the Day of Silence began at Mount Si High School in Seattle this past Friday morning the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, a prominent anti-gay-rights activist, was speaking the truth in love with other students

in protest of the politically filled day at hand.
Pastor Hutchersonof of the Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Seattle orchestrated the protest outside of the high school and the results were successful.
Read full story HERE and HERE.
Please read my post below titled "Day of Glorifying Homosexuality & Special Interest Groups" to answer some questions about the disruptive Day of Silence.
I will update you all on what occurred around the country on the Day of Silence once news becomes available. If you know of anything please e-mail me at

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