Monday, March 31, 2008

A Couple Days Late and a Few Facts Short

Marc Puleo wrote an opinion piece in the "Voices" section of today's Metro that has many uncited statements and a lot of old news.

Click HERE to read full opinion piece.
Here is my response to Mr. Solomon:
In response to Mark Puleo’s March 31, 2008 letter: “MassEquality fights for universal rights” he quotes MassEquality Campaign Director Marc Solomon:
“Unfortunately, their rate (gay and lesbian youth) of suicide attempts is higher than straight youth and the HIV rate…”
This fallacious assertion which is often cited in both gay and mainstream publications is derived from a 1989 report by a special federal task force on youth and suicide which showed that: 1) gay and lesbian youths accounted for one third of all teenage suicides; 2) that suicide was the leading cause of death among gay teenagers; 3) gay teens who commit suicide do so because of “internalized homophobia” and violence directed at them.
Gay activist Paul Gibson wrote the report based on such shoddy research that Dr. Louis Sullivan, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services officially distanced himself and his department from it. Some of the questionable data and figures include the assertion that the author claims that as many as 3000 gay youths kill themselves each year. But that figure exceeds by one thousand the total number of annual teen suicides. His “one-third” figure came from looking at gay surveys taken at drop in centers for troubled teens that revealed that gay teens had two to four times the suicidal tendencies as straight kids. Gibson then multiplied this higher figure by the disputed and debunked “Kinsey 10% homosexual population” figure to produce his “30% of all teen suicides are gay.” (Peter LaBarbera, “The Gay Youth Suicide Myth,” The Journal of Human Sexuality, 65.)
Mr. Puleo’s article goes on to say, “according to Solomon, the recent hearing on the bill (protection for transgendered individuals) was a first for transgendered rights at the statehouse.”
Mr. Solomon needs to do his homework before making such out of date news flashes because as of March 20th, 2008 Bill H1722, the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill, was stopped in the Judiciary Committee as massive amounts of pressure from Pro-Family organizations took the legs right out from under this piece of legislation.
Also on March 20th, bills H1710, and S918, which would officially legalize same-sex marriage in Massachusetts was also stopped in the Judiciary Committee.
Citations and current updates may help your cause a little more than opinions and yesterdays news Mr. Solomon.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter: The Resurrection

Happy Easter to you all.

Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Take some time today to unite yourself with Him and thank Him for all He has done for you, especially his crucifiction for your sins.
Click HERE to read about the facts of His resurrection.
God Bless,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Transgender Rights and Gay "Marriage" Bills Drown Under Pressure

Bill H1722, the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill, was stopped in the Judiciary Committee today as massive amounts of pressure from Pro-Family organizations took the legs right out from under this sub-human piece of legislation.

Also, Bills: H1710, S918, which would officially legalize same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts was also stopped in the Judiciary Committee today.
As reported from
On Thursday afternoon, March 20th – the deadline for deciding – the Joint Judiciary Committee responded to massive public outcry and dealt a huge blow to the homosexual movement by essentially killing a whole range bills that the gay lobby has been attempting to push into law this year.
Some of these bills (see complete list below) would have severely affected society both in Massachusetts and even around the country. Bill S800 would have allowed out-of-state same-sex couples to get “legally married” in Massachusetts, causing havoc across America. Bill H1722, the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill, is probably the most radical legislation ever seriously considered by the Legislature, and would have forced legal acceptance “transgenderism” throughout society (including restrooms and schools) and made it a hate crime to criticize the behavior. In all, there were a half-dozen particularly destructive bills that the Committee would likely have passed were it not for your public outcry.
H1722 major project of the homosexual movement
The Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill (H1722) was the major project this year of the homosexual movement in Massachusetts. This was their next step in their march to change our culture. As described in the media back in January, pushing H1722 through the Legislature was a joint effort by the state's major homosexual activist groups and lobbying groups, plus numerous fringe groups such as the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC). This was a serious campaign. They held (at least) two big State House lobbying events and several letter-writing and lobbying efforts. They heavily lobbied key legislators. They dominated the March 4 public hearing with a well-coordinated barrage of 22 “expert” panels and hours of emotional testimony. The bill had the vocal support of dozens of other Massachusetts liberal organizations, and even state agencies. Gov. Deval Patrick, Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Congressman Barney Frank formally endorsed the bill and submitted testimony in favor of it. It had 25 co-sponsors and many other supporters in the Legislature.
So what happened?
We went at them full blast. We published an explosive 125-page report on the bill and exposed exactly what it would do. We went on the media – newspaper, Internet news, and radio – and further exposed the bill and the movement behind it. We made sure that literally thousands of you contacted the Legislature and demanded that this bill not go forward. And we made sure the Judiciary Committee got our explicit testimony at their public hearing (including medical documentation!) even though they clearly didn’t want to hear it.
What does this mean?
THIS is the approach that pro-family groups need to take, not the wishy-washy “moderate” approach we see around the country, with the fear that they might not be “respected”. Yes, if this is important then sometimes you need to be a little confrontational. And we need to continue to put the pressure on, because this year’s fight in the Legislature is only beginning. (Wait till you see our next email!)
Homosexual lobby NOT giving up!
This is unquestionably a major defeat for the homosexual movement in Massachusetts. They had put enormous resources and emotional capital into this and had not anticipated it would get derailed by pro-family pressure.
The homosexual lobby has vowed to try to get H1722 out of study before the July 31 end of the session, and get it passed, although they admit the odds are against it. Bill Conley, head lobbyist for the Mass Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus has announced that they plan to pressure the committee into taking it out of study at some point before July 31, and that they’re organizing to further “explain” their position to committee members. But as the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows reported, “Conley said it will be difficult to get the bill passed before the end of the session.” And don't worry -- we'll be keeping the pressure on, also! We'll keep you posted.
Some good bills also get swept away.
Admittedly, we put most of our energy into making sure that the bad bills didn’t move forward. But there were several good bills, some introduced by MassResistance, that in a perfect world would have moved forward and become law. We weren’t able to make it happen this time, but the Committee did hear our voices and they know we’re not going away on these issues. They know also where the sentiment of the people lies - and it's not with the special interests.
As we said, this fight is not over. There’s still a lot to go. But as we’ve been saying, this battle can – and will – be won.
STOPPED! Allow out-of-state homosexual couples to get “legally married” in Massachusetts, then go back to their home states - Bills: S800, S1029, H1728
STOPPED! Transgender rights and hate crimes bill - Bill: H1722
STOPPED! Repeal sodomy laws and other “morality” laws - Bill H1709
STOPPED! Officially legalize homosexual “marriage” by changing the marriage statute - Bills: H1710, S918
STOPPED! Allow a minor to get an abortion WITHOUT parental consent or judge’s order - Bill: H1735
STOPPED! Repeal all laws restricting abortions, and related laws - Bills: H1734, S831
Removes undefined phrase “sexual orientation” from all Massachusetts statutes - Bill: S928 [Filed by MassResistance]
Forces Commonwealth to abide by actual marriage statutes - Bill: S926 [Filed by MassResistance]
The “woman’s right to know” law regarding abortions, with 24 hour waiting period - H1687
Repealing the exemption of schools from the law against “disseminating matter harmful to minors." [Filed by MassResistance]
Update the outmoded “wiretap: law to stop selective harassment of citizens taping public events. [Filed by MassResistance]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Legalizing A Dangerous Psychiatric Disorder

Young "transgender" women who had their breasts surgically removed marched in the streets at Boston Pride 2004. Caption reads: “It was a nice night to doff your shirt.”

These are the types of extremely dangerous behaviors that "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill H1722 will try and normalize EVERYWHERE expect in your own private homes.
Thanks to the fair and balanced analysis of H1722 by, all residents of Massachusetts can contact their state legislators with facts and demand that this sub-human of a bill be demolished or our society as we know it will be lost.

Click HERE for the complete text of bill H1722.

Please take the time to read about how this bill will affect YOU by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for a bulleted list of talking points of how dangerous H1722 is to society as we know it.
Finally, click HERE as to how the diagnostic manual of the mental health professions (the DSM-IV) defines "gender identity" as a psychiatric disorder.
I only have one question from reading all of the very disturbing information regarding H1722: What is the benefit of legalizing a psychiatric disorder that is clearly dangerous to society?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kern's Comments Create Controversy

An Oklahoma state representative has received thousands of hostile e-mail messages after she said that homosexuality is a bigger threat to national security than terrorism.

Read full story HERE.
Although I think Rep. Kern's comments suggesting that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism is a little bit over the top, the representative is correct in suggesting that homosexuality is a dangerous behavior. The way in which she articulated this thought could be a career ending move.
"According to God's word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle," Rep. Kern said in her speech.
That is a little more like it!!
What do you all think of Rep. Kern's comments and do you think they deserve all of the threatening e-mail responses?
P.S. Sorry for not being around to respond to your comments or post any news stories. I was very sick with the flu for the past two weeks, but I am feeling better now and ready to spread the truth again.
Thanks for your patience.

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