Friday, February 15, 2008

A Second Grader's "Life Altering Choice"??

A male second grader from a Douglas County elementary school in Colorodo has decided to return to his old school as a girl.

Read full story HERE and HERE.
"Whei Wong, Douglas County Schools spokesperson, says teachers are planning to address the student by name instead of using he or she. The child will not use the regular boys or girls bathroom. Instead, two unisex bathrooms in the building will be made available. The school is handing out packets to parents who have questions. The packets contain information about people who are transgender."
So, what is with this automatic "conclusion" being made by the Douglas County Schools of this EIGHT year-olds confusing behavior? Why doesn't the school focus on the thought that maybe the child is dealing with some major acceptance problems with his parents and not automatically jump to the conclusion that the child IS really of the opposite sex and then enable the behavior by altering school policy?
The child is being treated by TransYouth Family Advocates which provides
"education and tools (that are) need(ed) to provide the optimal learning environment for your gender variant child" of which is stated right on their website. The organization also treats children as young as 3 who are dealing with the problem of gender varience. THREE YEARS OLD????? When was the last time you met a three year-old who is confused about their gender identity??? Wow...there must be some MAJOR problems with mommy and daddy and their passion to not love their children.
"Children are born with a drive to seek love and acceptance by each parent, siblings and peers. If this need is met, children develop an acceptance of their masculinity or femininity. When this developmental task is successfully completed, the child is free to choose gender atypical activities. Boys and girls with gender identity problems are not freely experimenting with gender atypical activities. They are constrained by deep insecurities and fears and are reacting against the reality of their own sexual identity, usually as a result of failing to experience love and acceptance from the parent of the same sex or same sex peers. Therapy is not directed toward forcing a sensitive or artistic boy to become a macho-sports fanatic, but helping a boy to grow in confidence and be happy he is a boy"
Please read "Gender Identity Disorder in Children" by Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons to better understand what is actually going on in the minds of these confused and unloved children.
The proper upbringing of a child begins at home with a loving mother and father who accept their childs gender as it is, not what the CHILD thinks it is. Instead of providing motherless and fatherless households to children, which is accomplished with same-sex households, why not provide a healthy atmosphere to a child that strengthens the male and female role models and not some tossed saled version of what one thinks a male or female should behave like. We need to have less confusion of sexual identities and more understanding of what Christ expects from us.


Blogger havasumoma said...

Perhaps you see this outcome as a better option:

5:47 PM, February 15, 2008  
Blogger SCIA said...


1. Why would I think suicide is a better option???

2. What makes you juxstapose Cameron's suicide to his ordeal with gender identity when, and I quote from your news link:

"His mother revealed Cameron had been very interested in recent reports of a spate of teenage hangings in Bridgend, South Wales."

Does anyone have proof that Cameron's hanging conclusively was do to his gender ordeals or was it because of the possibilities that Cameron had acceptance problems with mommy and daddy who possibly did not love Cameron enough to care for his emotional well being in the first place, which of course LEAD to his gender varience issues? Do you know this family such that you can conclude, as you have done with your opening statement, that Cameron killed himself out of embarresment over his gender identity problems?

I love how people are so brainwashed by one single story from ONE news source and then act like they can blanket their opinion (emotions) as a fact. Your emotional bantering is intellectually sloppy at best.

9:03 PM, February 16, 2008  
Anonymous omd said...

When a people forget or even reject God these things we are witnessing become more prevalent. Mankind, depending on his own understanding will always prevert God's intentions. What we are witnessing is the demise of the world's culture's.

The world has rejected God and one day God's wrath will be seen.

These preversions are almost a waste of time even talking about albeit it should be a good opportunity to share Jesus with an unbelieving world. There are still those that God has chosen, yes, God has not chosen everyone to be drawn to Him. The invitation is outgoing. All who truly believe, in their hearts, in the name of Jesus and call out to Him for forgiveness & acknowledging Him as the Son of God will become children of God for all eternity. Come to Him. He does not want to see even one perish even though He knows there will be some that remain in rebellion.

9:37 PM, February 17, 2008  
Blogger SCIA said...


"... and call out to Him for forgiveness & acknowledging Him as the Son of God will become children of God for all eternity."

Love it!!

I hope I see all those who post on my blog as God's children. (Me included).

2:10 PM, February 18, 2008  
Anonymous KatieKat said...

Not all transgendered people come from unloving, unsupportive homes. Some actually come from stable, loving, cohesive families. Being transgendered is not 'caused' by outside sources. In fact, most transgendered individuals have biological differences that cause their transgenderism. Having an extra 'X' or 'Y' chromosome will do that. Are you going to try and say that their parents MADE that extra chromosome appear?
The fact is, some people's genders do not match their biological sex. And, yes, some of those individuals are aware of their differences from a young age.

9:52 AM, February 25, 2008  
Blogger SCIA said...


You said something AGAIN withOUT providing any citations or sources:

"In fact, most transgendered individuals have biological differences that cause their transgenderism."

Please provide your sources for this claim.

2:46 PM, March 17, 2008  
Blogger KatieKat said...

Here's one, start from the "Genes and Gender" section:

Here's another one:

This is what I could come up with from a simple Google search. There have been countless articles in medical journals about these conditions. As you can see, it is estimated that chomosomal abnormalities occur in 1 out of 500 births. That's a LOT of people. Technically, if you have an extra 'X' or 'Y' chromosome, you are intersexed, and your physical sex may not match your chromosomal gender. At least in these cases, this is NOT a psychological disorder.

9:58 AM, March 18, 2008  

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