Thursday, November 08, 2007

Election Day Victories for Pro-Family Candidates

A Message From the Coalition for Marriage and Family

Tuesday in municipal elections across the state, pro-family candidates won hotly contested elections with the help of the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action.
Same-sex marriage supporter Mayor Phelan of Quincy was defeated, despite the attacks homosexual newspaper Bay Windows made against his opponent Tom Koch. Koch was supported by the Quincy Marriage and Family chapter, and the Coalition.
Incumbent Mayor Jim Harrington of Brockton, a married grandfather of six, narrowly defeated same-sex marriage activist Jas Stewart, who is "married" to another man, with the help of the Coalition and our Greater Brockton chapter.
Greater Marlborough Marriage and Family Chapter Co-Chair Paul Ferro was re-elected to the Marlborough City Council. Ferro defeated the legislative aide of Representative Steve Leduc, a supporter of abortion and same-sex marriage. All pro-family At-Large councilors were returned, despite a strong challenge by Sean Navin, a staffer of Congressman Jim McGovern who received significant financial backing from liberal groups.
Catholic Citizenship Executive Director Victor Pap was elected to the Weymouth Town Council, and the husband of Catholic Citizenship Fall River Diocese Coordinator Bea Martins, Joe Martins, was elected to the Fall River School Committee. Also in Fall River, pro-marriage and pro-life State Representative Robert Correia won his race for mayor against same-sex marriage supporter and fellow state representative, David Sullivan.
These are just a few examples of the many victorious campaigns across the state that the Coalition for Marriage and Family Action became involved in this summer and fall, and the long months of work have paid off. Through the grassroots activities of our Marriage and Family chapters as well as our financial support for candidates, we are making a difference to elect pro-family candidates at the local level.
We're also building our grassroots network, an effort that is vital to recruiting pro-family legislative candidates in the future to defeat anti-family incumbent legislators.
Wow, the people voted...and they chose morally grounded politicians over those who are not morally grounded...hmmmmmm.
The marriage issue is NOT over yet my friends. We're just seasoning people who will run pro-same-sex "marriage" supporting politicians out of the State House.
Let The People Vote!!


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