Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank You For Your Patience

Wow, what a busy couple of months!! I do wish I could blog for a living!! I have missed out on all of the fun of posting stories of the marriage issue here in Massachusetts. I have been very busy at my job with a new boss and studying for re-newels of certifications that I need for my line of work.

Well, I am back! I now have some room to stretch my legs and breath a little easier. I have many comments to respond to and stories to post. I will be having a newly posted story for you on a daily basis from here on out!!
Thanks to all of you who have been patient with my lack of posting anything on my blog. I look forward to your comments and to a good long civilized discourse on just about any topic regarding marriage, family and the grace of God.
Again, thank you...and if you wish to place a comment...make sure you bring your "A" game with a mouthful of FACTS!!
God bless,

The Hidden Pain

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I came across a very interesting, touching, and emotionally driven video regarding testimonials from former homosexuals on the American Family Association website.
The stories are real and very graphic, but sad and pinch your "reality" nerve when you see the pain the homosexual lifestyle can bring upon someone.
As many of my readers know, I have no intentions of making fun of the homosexual lifestyle by showing this video. I intend to show you all the hidden pain and emotional suffering that some homosexuals deal with on a daily basis by taking part in the dangerous lifestyle of homosexuality. We as a society must pray for our lost brothers and sisters who partake in homosexuality and ask God to grant them mercy and help them get closer to the way Christ wants us to live.
I hope this video, which is 25 minutes long, will open your eyes to the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle and force you to help those who are in need.
Watch full video by clicking HERE: Go to AFA Media Player and click on "It's Not Gay Full".
God bless,

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