Monday, April 23, 2007

The Day They Kicked God out of the Schools... Reality check!

This is an appetizer to what I am going to post next about God being a part of our U.S. Government. P.S. I am going to respond to all of your comments. It has been busy for me at work the past couple of weeks. Sincerely, Scia

Friday, April 13, 2007

"Together We Can"...Ignore The Law

An interesting editorial appeared in the Newburyport News this past Wednesday discussing Governor Patrick's unwillingness to uphold a 1913 law that bans out of state couples from marrying in Massachusetts if that marriage was illegal in the couple's home state.
Click Here for full editorial piece.
This law was originally passed because a few states allow marriages between first cousins or young teenage lovers and other states do not. These types of circumstances make this law justified for obvious reasons. Now that the homosexual community has spoken up against former Governor Mitt Romney's decision to null and void 26 homosexual "marriages" from becoming legal is MA because of this law, there has been many "historical" reasons to pull it from the books. These made up "historical" reasons suggest that the 1913 law was actually passed to keep some states' laws against interracial couples intact, and it should therefore be immediately repealed. There is no evidence of that, and Massachusetts at the time allowed inter-racial marriages.
Just because Deval Patrick does not "like" the law because he basis his decision on hearsay and falacious, made up reasons does not mean he can do away with the law. It is that simple.
There is no comparison between inter-racial marriages and homosexual "marriages". Period. Mr. Patrick should keep his racial motivations to himself and not impose them on the laws of the Commonwealth.
This is not about why the executive branch of the State House likes or dislikes a law, this is about spoon feeding special interest groups that pay lots of money to get their way.
Where is the democracy on Beacon Hill? What happened to upholding the oath of office? I know... Money talks and the people of the Commonwealth can walk...right Deval?

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