Friday, February 23, 2007

Keep our Children Safe with Watchdog!!

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I was e-mailed a link to this website, and it is AMAZING!!!
When you visit this site you can enter your address and a map will pop-up with your residence as the small icon of a house. Different colored dots will surround your entire neighborhood. When you click on these dots, a picture of a person will appear with an address and the description of the crime he or she had committed.
The best thing is that you can show your children pictures and see how close these people live to your home or school. This site was developed by John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted. It is another tool to help us keep our kids safe.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

House of Representatives Set to Vote on “Hate Crimes” Giving Homosexuals Special Rights

The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on HR 254, which establishes “hate crime” legislation. HR 254 will create new special rights for homosexuals under the guise of enhancing law enforcement. It would make “sexual orientation” a protected class alongside race, religion and gender.

The only way this bill can be defeated is with a real grassroots uprising by those who care about the future of their children, families and marriages!
The intent of this law is to force the acceptance and approval of homosexuality on every American, regardless of their religious views. Here is a short summary of HR 254.
For a more in-depth review of where we are headed, click here.
Here is a partial list of what homosexual activists are trying to force on every American. While HR 254 will not, in and of itself, accomplish these goals, it will open the door to such regulations.
  • Preaching that homosexuality is a sin from the pulpit will result in the preacher being charged with “hate speech.”
  • Churches will have their tax-exempt status revoked if they oppose homosexuality.
  • Homosexual marriage will be legalized and recognized in all states.
  • Polygamy will be legalized.
  • Scouts, and all non-profit organizations, will be required to hire homosexuals as leaders.
  • Biblical language used to define homosexuality will be considered “hate speech.” City officials have already had a billboard removed in Long Island, NY, because it was classified as “hate speech.” The billboard read: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.” (Leviticus 20:13)
  • Employees will not be allowed to say anything negative about homosexuality in their workplaces.
  • Classes promoting the homosexual lifestyle will be included in school curricula beginning with the lower grades.
  • Adoption by homosexuals will be legalized in every state.

To read HR 254, click here.

Let me say again: HR 254 will not, in and of itself, accomplish everything the homosexual activist’s desire. But it is the first step in positioning their cause where they can achieve all their goals.

Take Action

Send an e-mail to your representative urging him or her to vote AGAINST HR 254.

Click Here to Email Your Representative Now!

This has been a message provided by the American Family Association

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Is Being Gay a Choice or Innate?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWarren Throckmorton, PhD, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Fellow for Psychology and Public Policy at Grove City College wrote a very compelling piece about why some have feelings for the same sex.

Interesting thoughts. Take a look at the article for yourself HERE.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Same-Sex Family IKEA Commercial Shown

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If you have not seen the IKEA commercial that depicts same-sex couples as "families", click HERE to view it.
I have not seen the commercial personally on T.V., but my friend John who lives up in New Hampshire said he saw it twice in one day on channel 9, WMUR, around the time of a weekend evening news report.
I have stated the dangerous facts about same-sex "families" time and time again here on my blog, with a post titled "Question: How does same-sex marriage harm our understanding of humanity?" being the most informative on this issue.
Let's stop the propagation of the homosexual agenda and teach our children not only which lifestyles they should not make fun of or negatively scrutinize, such as homosexuality, but which lifestyles are dangerous and incriminating to others well being, such as homosexuality.

School Board in South Jersey has Courageous Curriculum

Education or Indoctrination? Go to to find out more about the other videos that the "Women's Educational Media" is trying to promote to elementary and middle school aged children. Go under "Our Films" to check out what is being taught to children regarding homosexuality in the school house.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Same-sex Couple and Child Promoted as a "Family"

A U.S. pro-family group says a TV ad from overseas furniture manufacturer IKEA, which touts a same-sex couple and a child as a contemporary "family," is that company's latest attempt to force its liberal, pro-homosexual worldview on Americans.
Read article HERE.
In a day and age when radical homosexuals are fighting for equal status as heterosexuals in regards to marriage "rights", the idea of forcing this agenda on Americans in the form of commercials is a step in the wrong direction. Why would a company such as IKEA want to potentially subject Americans to this type of agenda based advertising when 54% of the country objects to same-sex "marriages"?
As I have stated in previous comment threads, why would a company that promotes homosexuality advertise to a predominately pro-family country? IKEA is going to potentially target the wrong audience. If IKEA ever agreed to show their commercials in the U.S. then obviously they are going to be supported by the homosexual lobbyists and therefore will go ahead with pushing the homosexual agenda.
I wonder if it would be O.K. if we have heterosexual drug addicts, prostitutes, and those who engage in sadomasochism on the IKEA commercials promote their behavior by saying:

"Why shouldn't sofas come in behaviors, like drug addiction, prostitution, and sadomasochism?"

How is this any different than:

"Why shouldn't sofas come in flavors, like families?"

The promotion of dangerous behaviors such as drug addiction, prostitution and sadomasochism juxtaposes that of the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexuals die mush earlier than heterosexuals and have significantly higher rates of suicide, rectal cancer, liver cancer, HIV, and other infectious diseases than heterosexuals.
Family structure is the single most important factor in a child’s development. Of all the essential elements which lead to a child’s proper development (access to health care, nutrition, good schools, safe neighborhoods, and love) the most important factor is the marital status of the parents. According to Dr. Pitirim Sorokin, founder and first chair of the Sociology Department at Harvard, proclaimed the importance of married parents half a decade ago:
“The most essential socio-cultural patterning of a newborn human organism is achieved by the family. It is the first and most efficient sculptor of human material, shaping the physical, behavioral, mental, moral and socio-cultural characteristics of practically every individual. …From remotest past, married parents have been the most effective teachers of their children.” (Glenn T. Stanton, “Why Marriage Matters for Children,”, May 22, 2003.)

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