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Hurdle Number One Has Been Cleared!!

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As I showed up at the State House early yesterday morning to spend another day in the House Gallary not many soles were around. For what was going to be one of the most historical days in Massachusetts politics, regardles of the outcome of the marriage amendment, not many supporters or opponents wanted to brave the cold and windy weather.
As I was talking amongst my collegues about the lack of attendance for the Constitutional Convention I began to see more and more people gather out in front of the State House. With traditional marriage supporters on the State House side and gay marriage supporters across the street an obvious fact came to bloom as I was holding my "Let The People Vote" sign. All I could see on the State House side were the same signs as I was holding, with the "Jesus is Lord" banner and the homemade "Let The People Vote" signs sprinkled in for good measure. All I could see across the street were signs that read "Bigots" as well as "Hate Mongers". My favorite sign read "Learn to Be Tolerant". I really had to stratch my head on that one. Nonetheless, There was a whole lot of name calling and screaming from our opponents and a whole lot of "let the people vote" chants from our side. I'm sorry, who needs to be more tolerant?????? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This screaming and "tolerant" theme continued even at the end of the day as marriage supporters gathered at the base of the State House steps to congratulate others for their hard work over the past year. Gay marriage supporters could not just walk by and be on their way. They had to yell such things as "bigots" and cause a big scene. Well, that's O.K. because for those who celebrate "extensions of time" for their cause, as was done after the conventions were recessed in July and November, dealing with a REAL celebration is hard to swallow.
For the last formal session of the current legislature, the day was filled with confusion and shock as the amendment prevailed by a vote of 62 - 134, which was 12 more votes than was needed for the amendment to move forward. Although the marriage amendment still needs to have the approval of another 50 legislative officials during the next Constitutional Convention in 2007, the first hurdle for democracy was cleared. For a local and statewide review of the day's events click on the colored coded words.
For a look at how legislators voted click here. For other local coverage concerning the marriage amendment click here and here.
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Anonymous OMD said...

January 2, 2007 Yes Hurdle One Has Been Cleared...BUT

The really sad part about the Jan 2 Con-Con was to see traditional marriage supporters squared off with homosexual marriage supporters just across the street.

Each side shouting their chants trying to drown the other out. This a really useless form of protest as it is nothing more than 'verbal stone throwing.' It accomplishes nothing as no meaningful dialogue takes place. All that happens is each sides passions gets fanned and then hardened to the point of no return. Nothing is gained by either side.

If you think about it with objectivity, Jan 2 really had nothing to do with the issue of homosexual marriage. Sure, it was the underlying cause but not why we were really there.

The real issue was and is - Would the Legislature continue to defy our Constitution and their oath of office?

We stood at the head of treacherous waters. If the amendment got killed in a parlimentary move then, in affect, the People's right to participate in their government would have been removed.

As early as the Mayflower Compact the people invoked a self governance policy and the right to participate in that government. Remove that right to participation and the next step would then be a totalitarian form of govenment.

No Participation,
No Voice,
No Freedom.
Total government control.

Is that what you want?

Our new governor even came out and told the Legislature to kill the amendment any way they could find! What does this say about Governor Patrick's slogan "Together We Can?" It seems his philosophy is Selective Representation not a participatory citizenry unless it's what he wants.

Fortunately the Legislature heeded the State Supreme Court's direction when they said - by not taking a vote the Legislature would be in violation of the State Constitution and their oath of office. This is what is took for our Legislature to finally take a vote. That and a law suit.

Very dangerous waters we are in.

Will this happen again during the 2007 Legislative session? Keep close watch!

Some walked away cheering while others walked away in dismay. I walked away realizing that we ALL must participate in our government. We must focus on their every action. We can no longer entrust our politicians with the sole & exclusive handling of our affairs trusting they will do what we instruct them to do. We elect our officials to represent our voices. We do not elect them to make all our decisions for us.

I am afraid we have seen the future. Unless we citizens are diligent and keep watch we could easily wake up one morning only to find out we no longer have a voice but we are now under total government control. The Sons of Liberty need to reconvene.

9:34 PM, January 04, 2007  
Blogger SCIA said...


You said:

"If you think about it with objectivity, Jan 2 really had nothing to do with the issue of homosexual marriage. Sure, it was the underlying cause but not why we were really there."

This I agree with and in which I have stated numerous times on my blog from day one. The marriage amendment has nothing to do with religion, heterosexuality, or homosexuality. It has to do with democracy and the will of the people.

All of the 'verbal stone throwing' was a waste of time and I mention it in my post because as Mr. B. (the gentleman that sat to your right during lunch at the "21st Amendment") stated: "Look at all the 'hate' signs that our opposition has. Do you see any of those signs on our side Scia?" I simply stated "no" and thought this observation was interesting.

You said:

"No Participation,
No Voice,
No Freedom.
Total government control."

No, this is definately something I do not want. Your right, Tuesday is a eyeopener of the unforgiving future. It is a day to remember that even those who "represent" you MUST be watched and held accountable for each and every action they take.

Tuesday was a historical day but more importantly it was an outline of the tough, tough fight ahead of us.

Thanks for stopping by.


10:24 AM, January 05, 2007  

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