Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Are Women Giving up on Marriage?

Another great article by Jeff Jacoby appeared this past Sunday in the Boston Globe. Take a read and learn the truth about the future of traditional marriage in our country and the twisted lies that are passed off as "fact" regarding marriage.

Click HERE for full article.
Tomorrow's Facts: Why Homosexuals Oppose Same-sex Marriages.


Anonymous OMD said...

People believe what they read and hear, continually.

This is how Hitler convinced the German people that they were something they were not.

If you look at the last 40 years + or - you will see an increasing attack on women by media and very radical liberals. The attack has been to convince them that there is more to life than being a mother, raising a family and loving her husband. Men have been demonized as blithering idots in need of a mother not a helpmate as God intended. AND we, as stupid as sheep, buy the barrage lock stock and barrel.

This has been satan's great lie right from the garden when he convinced Eve that there was more to life than God was letting on. He, satan, is continuing with this lie. WHY? Because it is still believed.

The church is really falling down on these issues. We are to be the light and salt to this world, but instead, we have become cultural Christians. We are ignoring our call. We are not acting as God's ambassadors and I am guilty of this also.

I guess it really isn't surprising that of Christians polled only 9% have a Biblical world view and only 4% have any biblical literacy. THIS MUST CHANGE!

I have been attending a workshop called The Truth Project. It is TREEEMENDOUS and I encourage anyone reading this to seek it out. The time is here to reverse what we have allowed satan to do.


9:47 PM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger SCIA said...


Your words are inspiring!!

8:46 AM, January 29, 2007  

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