Friday, October 27, 2006

"We will be pushing to have the language of our marriage statute to be amended to refer to just any two people as a couple, rather than man and wife."

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday, October 25th that same-sex couples are entitled to the same "rights" of marriage as heterosexual couples are.

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In a press release earlier today, condemned the New Jersey Supreme Court for its decision Wednesday suggesting that the New Jersey state Constitution grants a "right" to same sex unions.
"The New Jersey Court joins the Massachusetts Court in legislating from the bench," said Kris Mineau, president, Massachusetts Family Institute and spokesman,
However, while the decision wasn't all that traditional marriage advocates could've hoped for, it was not as disastrous as the 2003 Goodridge decision. It is important to note that even in their attempt to rule in favor of same-sex unions, the New Jersey Court affirmed that it is the responsibility of the legislature to decide whether they pass some sort of civil union, or amend their marriage laws to include homosexual couples. This is similar to the ruling by the Vermont Supreme Court that brought about that state's civil union law. The decision lies with the legislature as the representatives of the people. We the people of Massachusetts deserve that same chance to weigh in and have a say in the definition of marriage.
Recent decisions regarding same sex marriage from the high courts of New York, California and the state of Washington each upheld the fundamental principle that marriage is primarily for the purpose of procreation and the nurturing of children. As such, they have found a compelling interest in preserving traditional marriage because the best environment for raising children is in a home with a mother and father. The New Jersey decision departs from recent precedent and calls on the state legislature to amend the current statutory scheme to afford rights and benefits equal to marriage to same sex couples within 180 days, whether in the form of "marriage" or in a separate legal "civil union" statute.
Matt Daniels is a pro-family advocate with Alliance for Marriage, another group that has been pushing for a federal constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. In a recent Associated Press interview he commented that, with this ruling, the high court in New Jersey has given state lawmakers an unacceptable choice.
"The court is holding a legal gun to the head of the Legislature," Daniels asserts, "and saying under court order, 'You may choose between two bullets, which are in the chambers of this gun -- one is gay marriage, the other is gay marriage in all but name -- and you get to 'choose.'" However, he insists, "That's not a choice. That's not the democratic process." again calls on the Massachusetts Legislature to carry out their constitutional duty and vote on the Marriage Amendment. also calls on the United States Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment so that out of step courts around the country can't create a marriage "hodge-podge," weakening the institution of marriage for everyone and creating a tangle of lawsuits that will be fought indefinitely.
Help me understand something. What is wrong with this statement from Laura Pople, president of the New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition?:

"We will be pushing to have the language of our marriage statute to be amended to refer to just any two people as a couple, rather than man and wife."

I have mentioned time and time again on this blog the comments that the radical homosexual community has said about marriage which echos what Ms. Pople is saying. This community is taking America down a slippery slope with the advocation of any two people taking part in a marriage. This will naturally, and as silly as it may sound, lead to lawfull marriages between animal and man or women or children and man or women. This is simply not right. Just by this fact alone, this nonsense needs to come to an end.
Now more than ever we need to stand tall for traditional marriage. Please join me at the State House on November 9th and let's show the legislature we demand our right to vote on marriage.
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