Friday, July 14, 2006

How They Voted

This is how Massachusetts State Legislatures voted on the issue of delaying the Constitutional Convention until November 9th, 2006 at 1pm.

Call and thank those who did not support a recess to the convention and express your disappointment to those officials who did.
Visit Mass.Gov to see who your state representative and senator are and visit their respective websites under the "State Government" link.
Use the following script when calling:
“My name is _____ and I live at [home address]. I am calling to urge [Rep. _____ OR Sen. _____] to support the marriage amendment on November 9th. The citizens of Massachusetts deserve the right to make this important decision."
If the official voted NO:
"I also want to THANK [Rep. ___ or Sen. ___] for voting against recessing the convention on July 12th. I was pleased to see that vote cast in favor of the democratic process. Thank you."
If the official voted YES:
"I also want to express my disappointment that [Rep. ___ OR Sen. ___] voted to recess the convention and duck this issue until after the November elections. This is a subversion of democracy, and the people won't stand for it. Do NOT do this again at the constitutional convention in November. Thank you."


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