Thursday, March 16, 2006

Beliefs or Agenda?

It seems the issue of same-sex adoptions is heating up in Massachusetts and around the country. Boston Catholic Charities just recently pulled itself out of the adoptive services rather than comply with state laws requiring gays and lesbians to be considered as prospective parents.

As of Wednesday April 15th, 2006 governor Mitt Romney has filed legislation that would allow religious groups to not provide adoptive services if the practice violates their belief structure. In the bill their is no mention of sexual orientation.
Many Catholic Charities agencies are not having a problem with gay adoptions because the practice is banned by state law. In Florida, gay couples are barred from adopting, and Mississippi and Utah have laws that restrict gay adoptions.
Ohio is currently considering a bill that would stop gays from being adoptive parents, and last year at least seven states weighed bills that would stop gay adoptions.
If the law says to not discriminate based on sexual orientation for those who want to adopt a child then that law must be followed. On the other hand, why a religious institution has to throw away their belief structure just to provide a family for a child is not very settling to me. Why is it that a single judge in Massachusetts can decide a cultural value, the definition of marriage in this case, for all of the cultures people without them having a democratic vote on the issue but their is current law that will not budge to please the Catholic faith and their belief structure? Do not give me an argument of 'separation of church and state' because that does not exist. For those of you who want a history lesson on that topic I will provide it, but for argument sake do not jump on that one-wheeled band wagon.
Why is it O.K. in other states that Catholic Charities can refer homosexual clients who want to adopt to other adoptive services that do not follow divine religious beliefs? It seems that there can be a piece of legislation, that was recently defeated in Massachusetts, that would require to have all churches to provide financial records to the state but if legislation is being written that separates a church's belief structure from a states law then the likely hood of this bill to be defeated is very high. It seems a certain AGENDA is being propagated by the homosexual community in Massachusetts. Where is democracy being practiced in this situation and where is propaganda being practiced?


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