Sunday, February 19, 2006


David Parker objected to a book given to his young 5 year-old son at school that included portrayals of same-sex families. Mr. Parker is in the front lines when it comes to making sure his son, and other children, are being educated and not indoctrinated in the school house. Mr. Parker of Lexington, MA was arrested on April 27th of last year over concerns over a classroom book called "Who's in a Family". The Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington said the book was to educate students about alternative family lifestyles including ones that are headed by same-sex partners. The Lexington school district said the book was to promote diversity and Mr. Parker is saying it is promoting indoctrination.

Mr. Parker is in the center of this fight within the Lexington school system as well as a controversial bill being proposed in the Massachusetts Legislature. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Education Framework, or bill H1641, will make health education a graduation requirement that will teach a wide range of "health" issues including defining different types of sexual orientations as well as describing different types of families such as same-sex households.
I am not sure why there needs to be a state mandated law that says that in order to graduate from high school, students, including K-5, need to learn about homosexuality and possibly transgenderism. How the fact that homosexuals die much earlier than heterosexuals and have significantly higher rates of suicide, rectal cancer, liver cancer, HIV, and other infectious diseases than heterosexuals is educational is beyond me. Sex education is entirely different. These classes teach students how to prevent STD's, not advocate them. Students sit through health education classes to learn that they came from their biological mommy and daddies and not from a same-sex couple.
So I ask another question: What is the purpose of teaching children about homosexuality and transgenderism? I do believe the gay community needs more rights in order to live a more fulfilling life with their partners. On the other hand, it is wrong to teach children how they can lead a life that is considered unnatural by society. There is not one human society, advanced or primitive, civilized or uncivilized, where homosexual relationships, including same-sex "marriages", has existed as a normative part of family life. What is it about marriage that interests same-sex partners besides the sharing of benefits at a place of employment? Is this truly an issue of equality or do we as a society need to meet the gay community in the middle when it comes to rights? Would this community accept more rights and then agree to stop trying to eliminate traditional marriage as we know it? What do we need to do to make both sides comfortable?


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